BioShock Levine to Helm Major SciFi Movie

Ken Levine gets to show Hollywood how it's done

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BioShock Levine to Helm Major SciFi Movie
Those of a certain age - or of particularly good taste and excellent knowledge of key ScFi works - will remember Logan's Run as a brilliant slice of dystopian futurism... and Jenny Agutter. OK, and Michael York. So, a remake of the movie strikes as a bad idea unless...

Unless the remake is tightly directed, brilliantly acted and has one hell of a script. So... that means calling on someone from the world of video games. Someone called Ken Levine.

So, Hollywood, desperate for ideas has gone there. According to Deadline, "Warner Bros has tapped Ken Levine, creator of the Bioshock video game franchise, to write the screenplay for a remake of the 1976 cult classic science fiction film."

As for the film, "The studio has been trying for a long time to get this remake made, and it has been developed by the likes of X-Men helmer Bryan Singer, and more recently Nicolas Winding Refn looked at it as a re-team with Ryan Gosling. A fresh take might be just what the project needs."

Fortunately, Ken will still be making games!


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