Avalanche on Pre-Owned: Most Games Are Too Short

Players complete games quickly and thus they get traded in.

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Avalanche on Pre-Owned: Most Games Are Too Short
Avalanche Studios founder and chief creative officer Christofer Sundberg has weighed in on the used games debate, suggesting that pre-owned is only a problem because many games offer little replayability.

"I'm sure it's been an issue but that's because games have been too short," the creative told EDGE. "I mean when you can play a game through from 8 to 10 hours, I would return the game too, because there's no reason for players to play it again."

Avalanche is currently working on Mad Max with Warner Bros, which was revealed at Sony's PlayStation 4 E3 showcase. Let's hope it has a hell of a load of replay value in it, then. Although given its track record with Just Cause 2, we probably won't have to worry. Oh look, Sundberg mentions Just Cause here.

"If you're offering little variation, then there's no motivation for the player to keep that game - unless they want to have a nice bookshelf. That's why we answered that with Just Cause. I go into game stores each week and I always go to the used game boxes - I usually don't find that many [copies of Just Cause]."


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