Avalanche: Xbox One an "Impressive Piece of Hardware"

Understands disappointment following reveal event.

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Avalanche: Xbox One an "Impressive Piece of Hardware"
Just Cause developer Avalanche is a big believer in the power of Microsoft's Xbox One. Co-founder Christofer Sundberg has revealed that his studio has been toying around with the hardware for "quite some time" and is so far really liking it.

"Our impressions from first sight until the recent public reveal have been positive," he said in a recent interview with Videogamer. "It's an impressive piece of hardware, and powerful hardware will obviously help our games look fantastic."

Sundberg also spoke on the recent troubles Microsoft has had with communicating various features of the console with core gamers, and believes that the company will be able to turn things around. "I understand the disappointment of many fans," he said. "But I am confident their disappointment is in the lack of focus on games during the reveal, rather than in the console. I hope that Microsoft will turn that around during E3.

"Once [Microsoft has] cleared any remaining question marks around touchy subjects like always-on and second-hand sales, they are able to focus on the games and the real console war can finally kick off."

Hopefully E3 will clear up a lot of things. We can't wait.


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