Wargaming Dropping 'Pay to Win' Microtransactions

Hopes to capture the eSports market.

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Update 8.6
Update 8.6
Wargaming is looking to shirk the reputation tied to most free-to-play MMO games as being 'pay to win', by overhauling its premium content system for World of Tanks. As a result, microtransactions which offer players a significant advantage over non-paying customers will be axed. Hooray!

The company is calling the new system 'free-to-win'. Which sounds utterly corny, if you ask us, but if it sticks... Ultimately, all gameplay features will be free to unlock for all players - the only pay-for items that will remain will be customisation options and premium vehicles.

With these changes, Wargaming also hopes that it can capture the growing eSports market. "Our new World of Tanks features, including recent changes in our business model, are aimed at further growing our games in this direction," publishing vice president Andrei Yarantsau said to Gamasutra.

"Professional sport and gaming is no exception is about fair competition. The introduction of our new free-to-win system will really help facilitate the development of World of Tanks as a true eSports discipline."


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