Wii U Sales Skyrocket Following Xbox One Reveal


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Wii U Sales Skyrocket Following Xbox One Reveal
Nintendo's Wii U has apparently been flying off of Amazon UK's virtual store shelves. Coincidentally, this sales boom began after Microsoft's curious debut of the Xbox One device.

According to reports, the Wii U Premium console had shot up the online retailer's 'Movers and Shakers' list last night, from 243rd to 50th. Although no hard sales figures were revealed, it's estimated that this represents a sales boost of 386 per cent.

MCV adds that "sales of Wii accessories such as the Sensor Bar, charging docks and WiiMotes have also climbed significantly."

Of course, it could all just be coincidence, but it's also fair to say that Microsoft made a bit of a pig's ear of its official Xbox One unveiling. With a lot of potential customers looking to upgrade from Xbox 360 to Microsoft's new offering, it's not unreasonable to imagine that disappointed fans would look to Wii U as an already-available alternative.

Naturally, Nintendo needs to maintain momentum and not piggy-back on the fortunes (or possible lack thereof) of its competitors. Come E3, the Japanese company plans to air a new Nintendo Direct, which looks to reveal a lot of the high-profile games heading to the platform this Autumn.

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ergo 25 May 2013 00:33
This is no coincidence--goods like consoles don't magically treble their sales rate overnight without some sort of impetus to goad them, so unless there was some sort of massive sale, huge game announcement, or Us are now being bundled with gold bars, this is precisely down to the One's massive ****-up of an introduction.

(Which should terrify MS...but it won't...because you can't put the fear of God into those who are sipping from a goblet of pure overweening arrogance.)
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