Obsidian Confirms Next-Gen Project

It's "already looking great."

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Obsidian Confirms Next-Gen Project
Obsidian is currently finishing off South Park: The Stick of Truth (that's still coming out, by the way, courtesy of Ubisoft), but it does have another project in the works. A next-gen project, to be exact, and one that CEO Feargus Urquhart thinks is coming along nicely.

A wave of rumours hit the internet last night surrounding Obsidian after a number of job listings for the studio hinted at a "unique next-generation game." In an email exchange with Eurogamer, Urquhart confirmed that such a project was under development.

While the exec couldn't share any specifics about the game, he did take the time to say that it's "already looking great." Which we suppose is something. Alongside South Park, the studio is already working on Project Eternity - so what could it be? With Microsoft's big console reveal later this month, something tells me that we'll find out very soon.


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