LEGO Star Wars: Yoda Coming Very Very Soon

May the 4th be with you

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To celebrate the puntastic Star Wars Day, LEGO is launching LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles on May the Fourth.

The game's going to be free on iOS and features 10 missions, with a further 10 to follow at some point during the summer. It's a strategy game in which players can choose to go with the light or dark side, questing with either Yoda or Dooku.

Players control units, collecting studs to build them up. There's also a web component to the game that enables users to access additional content using a LEGO ID. Scattered across the website and mini-movies are hidden codes that players can dig up to unlock bonus content.

There's rumoured to be a solo Yoda movie in the pipeline as part of Disney's plan to such as much money from the Star Wars franchise as is corporately possible. Make of that rumour and the existence of this game what you will...


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