Wii U Virtual Console Launches Tomorrow with Seven Titles

Europeans get Japanese SNES title Mario's Super Picross.

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Wii U Virtual Console Launches Tomorrow with Seven Titles
Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii U Virtual Console will launch tomorrow. You get to spend your weekend enjoying retro games! How about that? The European launch lineup is slightly different compared to the North American one though, so take a look at what each territory is getting.

Tomorrow, European players will get to enjoy a selection of seven titles: Super Mario World, F-Zero, Donkey Kong Jr, Ice Climber, Punch-Out!!, Excitebike and, interestingly, Mario's Super Picross. All games are the US 60Hz versions, with the exception of Mario's Super Picross which is the Japanese version.

SNES games will cost 5.49 and NES games 3.49, unless you already own the titles on the Wii Virtual Console. In this case, you will be able to obtain the Wii U editions at a vastly discounted rate (99p for NES games, 1.49 for SNES games).

The US Virtual Console launched earlier this week, with eight titles. Mario's Super Picross isn't currently available in the States, but Balloon Fight and Kirby's Adventure are. Given Kirby's Adventure is currently on the 30p Virtual Console Trial Campaign, it looks like Europe got the slightly better deal.

Nintendo, in a press release, added "Many other gaming classics such as Pac Man, Super Metroid and games from the Mega Man, Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros. series will be available soon, while popular Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 games will also be added in the future."

Enjoy your weekend!


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