Flesh-Chomping Footballer Invited to Dead Island Zombie Wedding

Luis Suárez will feel right at home at PR stunt.

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Image Credit: Getty
Image Credit: Getty
Dead Island: Riptide features flesh-eating zombies. Liverpool footballer Luis Suárez is also known to like a bit of tender human meat, after biting on Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic's arm during a match yesterday. So publisher Deep Silver has decided to bring the two together by offering Suárez an open invite to its Dead Island zombie wedding tomorrow night.

Fittingly, the couple that are to be wed (in full undead garb), Jennifer Jones and Rob Blackmore, actually hail from Liverpool. Over 250 people will be in attendance at the ceremony. Jones and Blackmore entered a Facebook competition to get the full zombie treatment for their big evening.

UK marketing head Mark Fisher said, "Luis Suarez is currently getting a hard time in the media following his Branislav bite down, but at Deep Silver we understand those who have an appetite for human flesh like the zombie hordes found in Dead Island Riptide.

"With that in mind, we'd be delighted to have Suarez attend our zombie wedding - just as long as he's aware that the bride and groom might bite back!"

It's a pretty genius bit of PR, we've got to say. As for Dead Island: Riptide, the game? We've got a review coming very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for it.


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