UPDATE: GIVEAWAY: 200 World of Warplanes Access Codes Up for Grabs!

And entering our giveaway is a cinch!

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UPDATE: GIVEAWAY: 200 World of Warplanes Access Codes Up for Grabs!
Wargaming.net is taking over the world! After hooking the planet on addictive free-to-play tank battles, the company is preparing to launch the latest in the war combat family. World of Warplanes takes you to the skies to dogfight with enemies across the globe - and SPOnG has 200 codes to give away so you can get early access!

The game was announced way back in 2011, but is this year nearing closer to release. At the moment, the World War II-inspired flight sim is in a closed beta stage - meaning that, unless you enter our awesome giveaway, the only thing you can do to get a piece of the action is to wait.

But waiting's for chumps, right!? To be in with a chance of grabbing a code, all you need to do is:

1. Head to SPOnG's Facebook Page
2. Follow our updates by clicking 'Like'
3. Leave a comment on our Facebook post. Say hello!

We will then send you a Private Message with your code. Please do not Private Message us before we've done so - we'll get to you, don't worry.

Hate using Facebook? There is another way!
Head over here and simply tell us you'd like a Code.

If you want a primer on just how addictive the whole Wargaming.net experience is, check out our recent World of Tanks preview.


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