[UPDATE] Rumour: Dead Space 4 Cancelled, Franchise 'Effectively Axed'

Dead Space 3 wasn't selling enough.

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E3 2012
E3 2012
It's sounding likely that we won't get to fight Necromorphs with Isaac anymore. According to a new report, EA has cancelled the development of Dead Space 4 and killed the franchise outright, after being unimpressed with sales of the recently released Dead Space 3.

UPDATE: EA's US team has told Gamasutra that the rumour surrounding Dead Space 4's - and the franchise's - cancellation are "patently false." It's not understood whether the denial acts as confirmation that Dead Space 4 exists at all, however, as it has yet to be formally announced. END UPDATE

Dead Space 4 hasn't been formally announced, but according to Videogamer it won't ever see the light of day now. Citing a "source familiar with the unannounced project," the report states that Visceral Games was working with Visceral Montreal on pre-production for the game.

It was cancelled after it was suggested that EA execs weren't happy with the sales performance of its predecessor. Publisher bosses have previously gone on record to state that Dead Space 3 would need to sell some 5 million copies in order for the franchise to stay financially viable.

The report adds that Visceral Montreal has recently closed down, and that Visceral were prompted by EA bigwigs to include "generic ammo" in Dead Space 3 for microtransaction purposes, as well as a change from horror to action in an attempt to pull in a greater audience.


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