60Hz F-Zero Arrives on European Wii U Virtual Console

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60Hz F-Zero Arrives on European Wii U Virtual Console
Nintendo has released SNES classic F-Zero on the European Wii U Virtual Console today. It will cost the princely sum of 30p for a limited time, but that's not the best bit - the game on offer is the 60Hz NTSC version.

It's the second game in Nintendo's Virtual Console 30p promotion, and comes after complaints surrounding the version of the first title, NES classic Balloon Fight. Released in late January (again, for 30p), European gamers were annoyed by the fact that they were served the slower 50Hz European version.

Miiverse's Balloon Fight channel is awash with criticism over the decision - something that Nintendo appears to have taken notice of. In a press release, the company noted that the version of F-Zero on the Wii U eShop "is a release of the US-NTSC version of the game running at 60Hz."

Whether Nintendo will stick with 60Hz in the future for Europeans or only offer such titles on a case-by-case basis remains to be seen. A list of Virtual Console titles released under the 30p promotion can be found here.


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