Nintendo - New Hardware Bundles PLUS a Mario and Luigi RPG!

All the Ninty news that's fit to print... Fire Emblem Awakening... Monster Hunter 3.... loads more.

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Nintendo - New Hardware Bundles PLUS a Mario and Luigi RPG!
Nintendo Direct - in which Ninty's top chaps (including Mr Iwata) bypass snarky media people like us to present you with their upcoming stuff forcing us to behave just like normal folks while pretending not to, well, it's happened. And there's a bunch of news in it.

So, as you've probably been doing real world things like working or looking for work or schooling or bunking off school, we've been watching. First up though: Fire Emblem: Awakening will be released in Europe on 19th April. There, hard news.

Next, the Wii's side-scrolling platformer Donkey Kong Country Returns is coming to the 3DS. Next! Animal Crossing: New Leaf will hit Europe on 14th June on the 3DS.

Next! there's only a Mario & Luigi RPG called Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is coming for the 3DS this summer! Hence the picture.

Loads more.... watch the video.

Actually, hold on... New bundles of Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter 3 for DS XL and Wii U news, right here.

And now... Nintendo Direct.


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