More Layoffs at Disney as Games Division Struggles to "Meet Market Demands"

Follows closure of Junction Point.

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Disney Interactive Studios is on a roll. As well as the closure of Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios this week, the division has reportedly had around 50 employees laid off in a separate wave of redundancies.

John Pleasants, Disney Interactive's Co-President, revealed to staff that "changes" were being made within the division in an attempt to "meet market demands" in a "rapidly evolving industry."

According to the LA Times, the layoffs were made across several locations. Instead, Disney is putting all of its proverbial eggs in one Skylanders-shaped basket, in the form of Disney Infinity. Disney's Interactive Media unit, which deals with online content, also lost jobs recently.

Is a bet on Disney Infinity a safe one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.


DuckDuckGo 30 Jan 2013 13:04
It is a safe and good move. Disney movies, toys and merchandise generally appeal to kiddies. If Infinity is well designed and marketed then it will make s in game sales and s in toy sales, from both the extra characters to add to the game as well as spinoffs.

They shouldn't make the extra characters DLC though. I think young children really like physical toys, and that is why Skylanders has connected with kids. After they stop playing on the console, they can continue playing with the toys. Or when they can't play on the console, they can play with the toys. It works really well.
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