Koch Snaps Up THQ's Metro & Saints Row

As Dead Island Publisher gets Volition Studios also gets bought by Koch Media

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 Koch Snaps Up THQ's Metro & Saints Row
The fall-out from THQ's troubled financial world has lead other companies picking up various of the company's intellectual properties. The latest deals have been done with Koch and Dead Island maker, Deep Silver

THQ puts it like this in fact, "Koch Media-owned Publisher Deep Silver Takes the Reins on the Two Dominant and Beloved Interactive Entertainment Franchises." The hyperbole doesn't stop there either.

Menno van der Bil, International Commercial Director, Deep Silver burbles with joy that, "Both the Saints Row and the Metro franchises perfectly fit into our future lineup and strategy. We're really excited to lead these well-respected licenses into a bright new future.

"We also welcome the legendary development studio Volition to the Koch Media/Deep Silver group!?

We bet he does, as Volition has ploughed its very amusing furrow for many years.

Good news all round for staff and gamers.

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