Quantic Dream Registers 'PS4' Domain Name

Hints at platform for next title.

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Quantic Dream Registers 'PS4' Domain Name
Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is working on two projects. The first is Beyond: Two Souls, which is being released on PlayStation 3. The other, largely believed to be based on the studio's Kara demo, is reportedly coming to Sony's next console.

According to Kotaku, Quantic Dream registered a domain name for 'singularityps4.com' in late 2012. It comes as no surprise, as an announcement of Sony's next PlayStation is expected later this year and Quantic Dream itself has already been eyeballing future platforms.

Lead developer David Cage has previously said that Ray Kurzweil?s book ?The Singularity is Near" influenced the Kara demo. As Kotaku states, Singularity is unlikely to be the name of the game unless the some kind of deal is struck with Activision (Raven Software released a shooter in 2010 under that name).


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