Red Lynx: iOS Game Nutty Fluffies is a Revival of 2001 Project

First iOS game already guaranteed success.

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Trials Evolution developer Red Lynx has unveiled its first iOS project, in the form of rollercoaster action game Nutty Fluffies. And for the studio's co-founder Antti Ilvessuo, it marks the return of a game concept that he originally created back in 2001.

Nutty Fluffies tasks the player with moving a cartoon rollercoaster along various daring courses, using your finger to stroke the carts back and forth. A number of cute animals sit in for the ride, each offering rewards for successful tricks and conditions. Cats, for example, will reward you for going fast, while dogs prefer jumps. That is assuming you get to the goal safely, and don't crash the coaster.

Ilvessuo revealed that, while Nutty Fluffies is crazier and much more exaggerated than Trials Evolution, the two games are linked by a core physics philosophy. "Nutty Fluffies was originally a rollercoaster game that I created with my brother when we were building the physics for Trials back in 2001," the creative director told SPOnG.

"It became so popular that it stopped the biggest mobile operator's web service from working - around 200,000 people were playing this game daily. A huge number." Ilvessuo added that the project was put on the backburner until the studio could find a gaming platform that could realise it once more in a modern fashion. Turns out iOS is that platform.

Nutty Fluffies will be released in Q4 2012. We have some screenshots and artwork for you in the gallery.


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