Indies Should Avoid Mobile Gaming says TWA Maker

As Thomas Was Alone hits the iPad - maker Mike Bithell gives some advice

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Indies Should Avoid Mobile Gaming says TWA Maker
Thomas Was Alone - the minimalist platformer with a heart - is more than a cult hit (it's sold a million) on PC and other traditional platforms, and it's now hit the iPad. So why didn't maker Mike Bithell head straight to mobile platforms or even F2P first?

First up, "I?m sure there?s going to be people who say it should?ve been free to play or whatever..." and that gives some indication about his feelings on F2P.

He also told Sixthaxis that, "The big hit free-to-play games may make a great deal of money, but there are very few that actually hit that level of success."

He also explained, this time to Pocketgamer, that in terms of mobile as a platform,"I think indies releasing on the platform do well to avoid the business model altogether, unless they have the requisite marketing budget to compete with the big games for user acquisition. Apple's curation is also good, and a lot of indie games benefit from that exposure."

Anyway, the game is now out on iPad. We've bought a copy. You'll hear more about our opinion soon.


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