Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan Delayed

Those who have pre-purchased will be compensated.

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Let's ride... after October 15!
Let's ride... after October 15!
Looking forward to smashing up some orcs in the latest Lord of the Rings Online expansion pack? Well, you'll have to wait a little bit longer - Turbine has confirmed that the launch of the Riders of Rohan add-on has been delayed to October 15th.

"Thanks to some great efforts from beta players, we?ve identified issues that we think need to be addressed before we can launch," said executive producer Kate Paiz. "In order to address those issues and meet our expectations for quality we?re going to need more time. As a result, we?ve elected to delay our launch to October 15th."

Players who have already pre-purchased the expansion pack will get 500 Turbine Points and a free 'goodie bag' of items for their loyalty. They'll be redeemable from around September 5, according to the announcement.

The Lord of the Rings Online has been free-to-play since 2010. SPOnG has covered the MMO extensively, from its original launch to its current F2P model. Check out our latest review here.


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