Vivendi Bankers Hawking Activision Sale to Microsoft

It's incredibly unlikely to even start let alone complete though...

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Vivendi Bankers Hawking Activision Sale to Microsoft
You might think that flogging off a division as profitable as Activision/Blizzard might constitute some sort of madness. You may think that it's the equivalent of getting your holiday home evaluated. Either way, this is what French media giant Vivendi is doing. And Microsoft could be one of the viewers of the second guest bedroom.

That's enough of the holiday home theme. Vivendi is French and big. It owns Activision and Blizzard. It owns Activision/Blizzard. Reuters has someone who suggests that:

"Although a formal process has not started, bankers close to Vivendi are sounding out cash-rich trade players, including China's Tencent and U.S. duo Time Warner and Microsoft, as well as private-equity heavyweights KKR, Providence and Blackstone, banking sources said."

Before we all go bonkers though, a source has also told Reuters, that Microsoft, "probably don't want to distract themselves too much, but they are the ones who, if they want to stay in games, would think about owning some of these big franchises, not just providing the consoles."

This is because Microsoft will be concentrating on the new Xbox 720.


Aimee love 12 Jul 2012 02:41
Oh,is really wrong!

DrkStr 12 Jul 2012 12:23
No, not Microsoft! The 360 pad is all wrong for Tony Hawks games!
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