GAME Store Sit-In as Administrator Knocks

Irish GAME Group store posts Sit-In protest imagery

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GAME Store Sit-In as Administrator Knocks
The GAME Group store closures and financial administration process is resulting in active and actual anger among some staff members protesting about the manner in which final wages are to be paid out.

As MCV reports, "Administrators PwC have told staff they will pay them their March wages but nothing beyond ? including their April pay from their notice period and any redundancy compensation."

This has lead to at least one staff member at the GAME store in Monaghan, Eire to update this Facebook status in a startling manner. Ben Lamb O'Sullivan has posted the following.

"first night in store, a hugs thanks to all the support we have received, we are over whelmed and extremely grateful, please keep it up! Go raibh míle maith agat" ("Thanks a Thousand in Irish")

Ben's also posted some pix as well as the following message, "Just had an administrator at our door, ain't getting our keys! Its all official now!"

Eurogamer also reports that, "PwC has referred disgruntled staff to the Government to claim official state redundancy. But staff describe this as a "fraction" of what they claim they are entitled to. "We know our jobs are gone, we just want what we are entitled to, as well as our customers who in some cases have a couple of ?100 on gift cards in which they've been told they cannot redeem," O'Sullivan commented."

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irritant 27 Mar 2012 12:01
Didn't understand the wording of the 2nd paragraph very well, but as I understand things the administrators will pay wages for March, but for those getting made redundant they are being told to claim their notice period wages and redundancy entitlements from the governement.

Pretty much the same happened for me 2 years ago. We were told that we would get 100% of what was owed from the National Insurance. I got about 20% at best as they use their own formula to work out what you are owed rather than any contractual amounts.

There will be pretty much nothing the staff can do about it. If the persist with the sit-in, they'll get arrested for trespassing. Good luck to them, but they are wasting their time. The administrators are in no hurry to get in, they just want to secure the property which they will do with the help of the police.
gingineer 27 Mar 2012 15:11
Tragically that is life. Feel sorry for them, but there is no point having a sit in. They have to go to the government scheme. Very surprised about the gift voucher issue. I would have thought they would give them a count down to spend the vouchers (weeks). Not redeeming them would make the gift voucher owner a creditor that needed paying? Iwould have thought? If he is sat in the store, i wonder how often someone walks up to him and asks if he needs any help?
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