Whoops! Games Miscounted in UK Entertainment Top 40

Modern Warfare 3 much closer in sales to Adele's chart-topping CD

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Whoops! Games Miscounted in UK Entertainment Top 40
So it turns out that Modern Warfare 3 didn't get as much much of a pasting by Adele as we all initially thought. The Entertainment Retailers Association recently published a list of best-selling entertainment products in 2011, but it appears that whoever compiled the chart couldn't count.

MCV discovered that the video game numbers were "based on raw Chart-Track data and were not up-weighted to account for the whole market." The cheeky gits.

With the up-weighted sales figures accounted for, ultra-boring songstress Adele still beats Infinity Ward's modern-day shooter, but by a significantly less amount - rather than 2,814,609 units, the blockbuster game actually sold 3,127,343 to Adele's 3,924,985 album sales.

There are more changes too. Battlefield 3 jumps from #11 to #9, Zumba Fitness goes from #16 to #11, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hits #14, while Just Dance 3 spins up to #23. With the new figures, FIFA 12 managed to outsell FIFA 11 by 50,000 units.

Full chart list on MCV. Do you think the ERA will amend its official listing? What do you think?


PaulRayment 18 Jan 2012 11:38
What's the difference between the raw and up-weighted? I don't understand. Given that MW3 didn't come out until November that has to make it even more impressive.

Before we get too excited though I think games people need to calm down and realise that while there are a few big games each year many just fall away. Saying that, are iOS games included? If so what about Angry Birds, Minecraft, etc?
tyrion 18 Jan 2012 13:18
@PaulRayment The "raw" data is the total reported to Chart-Track by the retailers.

However, not all retailers report data, only about 90-95% of the UK sales are reported to Chart-Track.

To accommodate for this, Chart-Track calculates figures that are up-weighted to estimate what 100% of the sales are.

It's not an exact science, but it's closer to the true figures than those used by the ERA.
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