Rocksteady Teases "Batman Arkham World" MMO

And we really mean tease

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Rocksteady Teases "Batman Arkham World" MMO
This weekend saw Rocksteady literally teasing what we assume must be the MMO Batman: Arkham World' at the VGA TV Adverts (whoops, 'Awards') at the weekend. And we do mean "tease".

The "game" saw the light of day and then the dark of the virtual bin in one video that saw the Joker taking his 'Best Character Award' (seriously) with the arch-villain looking at the script for the game and then stating, "... guess I won't be needing this any more... Oops, spoilers!" and then binning it.

More than likely this is simple Rocksteady having a pop at the Internet's demand for a Batman MMO... more than likely...


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