Activision: Modern Warfare Like a Michael Bay Movie

And Battlefield 3 is a 'different experience'

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Activision: Modern Warfare Like a Michael Bay Movie
Soon you'll discover why EA has decided it's not time for certain sites to run console BF3 reviews... until then it's time to see what the Senior Brand Manager for Call of Duty, Eric Folliot, has to say about his game and EA's.

We spoke to Eric recently and asked the following:

"There are a number of gamers out there who would see games like Call of Duty as generic, corridor based shooters. What?s your response to that, I?m assuming you wouldn?t agree with that statement at all."

Off he responded in fine style, "I think Call of Duty delivers epic scale, so the single player does amazing stuff. It effectively puts you in the heart of a movie that Michael Bay directed, and it?s just... explosions everywhere. It?s that experience that really resonates with people. They love it. That once-in-a-lifetime, you get in there, and you?re like ?wow, I can?t believe I?m doing all this stuff.? So yeah, I think that?s what Call of Duty delivers. Epic scale, and fantastic storytelling."

And we couldn't let him go without asking about BF3:

We asked, "DICE has said they feel that with Battlefield 3 they have already taken a portion of Modern Warfare?s audience before either games have come out. What?s your response to that?

And after an actual laugh out loud, Eric responded in diplomatic style, "No. I think that Battlefield 3 is a great-looking game, but it offers a very different experience to what Modern Warfare 3 will."

More on the BF3 vs MW3 battle soon...


DrkStr 25 Oct 2011 12:11
So yeah, I think that?s what Call of Duty delivers. Epic scale, and fantastic storytelling

So no "fun" then?
kevin 25 Oct 2011 14:38

lol, call of duty multiplayer is the definition of fun, battlefield 3? no
lovecougara 26 Oct 2011 14:22

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