Activision Closing Call of Duty Elite Beta Today

Prepares for official launch... calm down

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Activision Closing Call of Duty Elite Beta Today
Activision and Beachhead have just announced that the Call of Duty ELITE beta will be shut down today at 8pm today.

The official blurb is:

"Activision and Beachhead Studio are shutting down the Call of Duty ELITE beta today at 8pm today. Although the Connect, Compete & Improve sections have been closed in preparation for Modern Warfare 3 and ELITE'S official launch on 8th November, access to the Career page will soon be open to all. Stat hounds can tide themselves over with access to Black Ops stats later this week once that section reopens."

Importantly for those gamers involved in the beta:

"In addition, players can be confident that all beta activity carries over when Call of Duty ELITE officially launches on 8th November."

Source is Activision its very self.


Comedykev 19 Oct 2011 11:32
Well except for PC gamers who get shafted by Activision again!!!
less than a month to go and we have had NO info at all RE: Renting dedis, specs, Elite.
Matthew O'Donnell 19 Oct 2011 21:18
Yeh all beta activity but the prizes won that many (including me) are still waiting for....
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