Ex-Mythic Head EA. Bioware and the Split

Not as juicy as you'd hope, unfortunately.

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The long journey continues for Jacobs
The long journey continues for Jacobs
Back in 2009 Mark Jacobs was head of Mythic, creators of Warhammer Online and Dark Age of Camelot. When the decision was made by EA to merge his studio with BioWare, Jacobs left. The head of a successful studio, he packed up and walked, giving no reason as to why he made this decision.

Until now. In an interview with Eurogamer, he's revealed that the split was down to him believing there was no room for him in EA's plans for Mythic so his only viable move was to leave. "They made a decision on a direction they wanted to go," he said, "and that wasn't a direction that had a role for me, or at least the role that I wanted."

There's an underlying aspect to his departure but Jacobs isn't saying anything about it."Whatever went on behind the scenes, whatever we talked about, I have no intention of sharing that." He does insist that the split was civilised, however, and that EA "have been very good in what they've said". Jacobs chooses to look to the future and his new start-up: City State Entertainment will focus as is the way these days on mobile gaming.

"It's not like all of a sudden people are going to toss away their iPhones and go back to using their phones from the '90s," he says. "Unless people decide to stop using their phones altogether, there will always be space for a developer who can create something that people want. If we do a good job, we'll be successful."

The full interview is available over here.


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