Watch Out Spryo! LEGO Goes Real and Video Game

Virtual and physical worlds combine to make something different

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Just don't tread on any of it
Just don't tread on any of it
There's been a fair few Lego games released in recent years but none have been like their brand new effort Life of George. Rather than guide a minifig through a bunch of levels, this one requires a bit more dexterity. Oh, and something that runs iOS.

It's a simple conceit. George needs you to help him build things from his life but you only have a limited amount of time to do so. Coming with a box of 144 proper bricks, he'll show you an object to create, put on the included map and take a picture of using the free app. The quicker you build it the more points you get. There's also a two player version of the game built in.

It sounds a bit dull when you read that, but have a look at the video. If you're not excited you have a heart of cold, dull stone.

See?! Good! Apparently it's aimed at kids aged fourteen and over but we reckon this could work with much younger players too as long as you trust them with your shiny iPhone, of course. Life of George is released on October 1st in the US for a shade under $30. As soon as we know of a UK release, we'll update you.

Competition for Activision's Spyro Skylanders? What do you think?



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