Modern Warfare's Bowling: Elite to Introduce New Game Modes

User created lists to be used by Infinity Ward

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"You're the best... around... nothing's ever going to keep you down!"
"You're the best... around... nothing's ever going to keep you down!"
Modern Warfare 3 creator Infinity Ward's "Creative Strategist" Rob Bowling has made it clear that gamers' playlists under the Elite system will be used to create new game modes in the blockbuster title post-launch.

"(Gamers) can take existing modes, change the parameters and spawn sets and then take those game modes and turn them into their own completely personal playlist, and using Elite can share that playlist with the community as a whole."

However, all that imagination won't simply be used by the gamers themselves, Mr Bowling continues:

"So, what I will personally be doing is playing those lists and watching those lists and seeing which ones people are voting up.

"We'll be using that information to introduce even more game modes and playlists to players, so not only are you getting new content, maps and weapons that players want, but also a heap of ongoing new content well after launch."

Bowling also talks of the problems of being the market leader (the poor dear) and promises extensive updates after the release of MW3. In a hilarious piece of business-BS he states that, "we've baked a lot of things into the back end".

These backend baked items "will allow us to do the free updates, addressing player concerns, adding stuff to the game more quickly and efficiently than we've ever done before."

The full interview is available over here.


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