Treyarch Developing Modern Warfare 3 on Wii

n-Space looking after DS version.

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Treyarch Developing Modern Warfare 3 on Wii
Activision's Dan Amrich - who describes himself in lengthy terms as essentially a community manager for the Call of Duty publisher - has revealed a few more details about the Wii and DS versions of Modern Warfare 3.

The Wii version will be developed by Treyarch, ensuring that the 'second CoD studio' will have a lot to work on over the coming years. "A lot of MW3 will fit into the Wii, but there may be differences." Amrich said, in response to fears that the Nintendo platform will suffer compared to the other versions. "Multiplayer is confirmed for sure."

Amrich added that the plan is to launch the Wii version day and date with the Xbox 360 and PS3 iterations being created by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. This hasn't been confirmed yet, as "[the Wii] is a different platform with different capabilities."

Development on the Nintendo DS version is being led by n-Space, a studio that has had experience working on Call of Duty handheld titles in the past.


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