Kaos Studios Promises "Exciting" Homefront DLC

Staff lay-offs won't affect future content.

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Kaos Studios Promises "Exciting" Homefront DLC
Despite its recent lay-off woes, Kaos Studios has made a pledge to Homefront fans that the first-person shooter will be fully supported by the developer, with some "exciting" downloadable content on the way.

"We have a full-time team here at Kaos Studios dedicated to ongoing support on the technical side," says a message on the game's website, promising "development of a wide range of exciting DLC that we're not quite ready to talk about just yet, but hope to unveil to you in the very near future."

17 employees are set to go at THQ's command, but the publisher made clear that the redundancies will not affect future content for the game and that those affected will be "treated with appropriate concern."

For the rest of the team, it would like to "thank you for your continued patience, and assure you that we will continue to support our multiplayer community for many months to come." Can't wait.


Cfan 5 Apr 2011 08:21
Damn, was hoping for some boring content :(
TessaELLIOTT 6 Feb 2012 19:00
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