Games Industry to Government: Do You Want 1 Billion or What?

Report the government requested on games industry is in

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Games Industry to Government: Do You Want £1 Billion or What?
The government and its Culture Minister, Ed "Not My Fault" Vaizey, asked the video games industry in the UK to justify its claim to tax breaks. The industry has answered.

A recent review into the games industry by stalwart Ian Livingstone OBE and visual FX guru Alex Hope has established that 1bn in extra revenue could be made for the UK by 2014 if current barriers could be overcome.

The Livingstone-Hope review, released today and backed by NESTA and Skillset, highlights the gap between the industry's potential growth and the former excellence in videogame creation in the UK industry.

The report highlights that the education system is not supplying upcoming talent with the necessary skills needed for success in the games industry.

Furthermore, the document highlights that of 1,585 graduates from a total of 141 specialist courses in 2009, only 12% of those secured a role in the industry within six months of complete their college or university course.

It also highlights that those who graduated from the industry-accredited courses were three times more likely to land a role over those who graduated through non-accredited courses.

Querying with UK art, ICT, maths and science teachers regarding the importance of physics in game creation (highlighted in the report as a "vital" subject), only 5% of those questioned saw the subject as necessary for a career in the industry.

Life president of developer Eidos and co-author of the report, Ian Livingstone, addressed the issue, stating why the changes are necessary for the UK games industry. He explained:

"We need to transform young people's passion to play videogames into a desire to make them, whilst equipping them with the right skills for the industry. In the brave new online world, a second 'golden age' for the UK games industry beckons. It's an opportunity which shouldn't be missed."

The report also highlights the need for schools to promote and teach art and technology together with art and computer science to be included in the English Baccalaureate.

You can read the full report here which highlights all of the proposed changes.

What do you think of changes suggested by the Livingstone-Hope report? Any thoughts, feel free to post them in the Comments section below.


realvictory 1 Feb 2011 13:18
Why does anyone think that "educating" someone at university is or should be equivalent to "training" someone for a job?
Tom 1 Feb 2011 23:10
If I were to graduate from a very specific course I would feel pretty let down if they hadn't taught me basic requirements to get a job in the field. Especially if they want 9k a year for it.
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