Rumour: Uncharted Heading to PSP2

Naughty Dog non-committal

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Uncharted 3
Uncharted 3
If a Game Informer report is to be believed, there's an Uncharted spin-off in the works for the PSP2. Yeah, that's 'PSP2'.

In the latest print issue, the publication reports that it has "heard" that the spin-off is planned for the still unconfirmed handheld for next Winter.

The mag reports that, "The developers we talked to described the PSP2 as a very powerful machine. We've even heard that a new Uncharted spin-off - which could even stand in for a full-on Uncharted 3 - is in the works."

Yes... well. No need to stand in for Uncharted 3 given that it's been announced already, is there? Still, the mag likely went to press before news of Uncharted 3 broke.

It looks unlikely that Naughty Dog will be developing any handheld versions of Uncharted, however. Another Game Informer feature, this time online, has Naughty Dog co-founder, Evan Wells, saying, "We personally at Naughty Dog are focused on just the PlayStation 3. We donít want to divide our attention on multiple pieces of technology. We just want to get the most we can out of that one piece of hardware."

Wells was non-committal on the existence of the PSP2, never mind an Uncharted game for it.

You might want to hunt around for some rock salt on the roads outside to take a pinch of for now...

(Game Informer via CVG)


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