New Valkyria Chronicles 3 Details

Reveals more at recent press event

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New Valkyria Chronicles 3 Details
Further to our post on here regarding additional details to be revealed for Valkyria Chronicles 3, SEGA held a press event earlier today unveiling more information on the latest in the series.

The press event was held at Akihabara's UDX Theater, Tokyo and was opened by the game's producer, Shinji Motoyama with the premier showing of the game's opening movie which was produced by famous Japanese animation studio, Production I.G. The voice actors for some of the main cast were also present with Riela voice actress Aya Endou, Imuka voice actress Masumi Asano and Kouichi Yamadera voicing Calamity Raven leader Dahau joining in the event.

Additional details shared at the event included the announcement of a two volume OVA (think direct-to-DVD) release tying in with the game, will feature the same voice game and will be made available via the Japanese PSN next Spring. Toy manufacturer Good Smile Company will also be creating Nendroid figures (think small figures with big bobble heads) for the games heroines Riela and Imuka, of which pictures can be seen here. They will also see a Spring release.

As a quick reminder, if you want to sample the demo for Valkyria Chronicles 3 you can do so via the Japanese PSN or download it directly from 4gamer's website here. The official Japanese site for the game will play host to the demo from this Thursday.

Source: 4gamer via Andriasang


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