Joe Danger Dev: Developers Should Take More Risks

Hello Games head thinks its a risk not to innovate

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Joe Danger Dev: Developers Should Take More Risks
MD of indie-developer Hello Games, Sean Murray (once of Criterion and Kuju), has said that he believes developers who don't take risks are in danger.

Murray states that games market is turning in favour of small developers due to financial risk becoming more important. Murray replied:

"People want innovation, it's just that at this stage, publishers don't want risk - and that's what they're saying. I think that's really short sighted, to me, but then I'm a small developer. I think it would be really risky not to innovate at the moment."

Do you agree with Murray's comment on risk taking being necessary for innovation in the games industry? And do you hope that Hello Games' next title shows it is not a one-hit wonder? Feel free to post your thoughts below.

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deleted 13 Oct 2010 10:42
I think small Devs need to innovate to get their name out there, larger devs EA, Activision etc well they have the IP`s to ride so its more about profits and shareholders for them, of course when larger Devs do innovate (Mad World & No More Heroes) well the game buying public generally doesnt seem interested, personally i think innovation is something to be kept for the smaller Devs as that innovation is based on making a name so care pride and joy is put into the title, the larger Devs can keep pumping the NFS and COD`s and I am fine with that.
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