Devil May Cry Creator Disses Reboot

Prefers Dante's original design over recent revamp

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Devil May Cry Creator Disses Reboot
The creator of the original Devil May Cry and its self-assured and brazen protagonist Dante, Hideki Kamiya, has responded via his Twitter page to questions posed by fans on his thoughts regarding the recent revamping of the series.

His responses indicate that he is less than impressed regarding the upcoming title and Dante's redesign, which sees the flamboyant half-human, half-demon with the trademark white hair and red leather trenchcoat traded in for a short black hairstyle, numerous items of jewellery and a more preppy appearance.

Kamiya tweeted:

“I’ve been sad since Dante left me. RT @nss_13_ @PG_kamiya It’s sad to see what you started turn this way.”

Followed by this tweet:

“I miss him, too… RT @nss_13_ @PG_kamiya I miss the Dante you made."

And then he said in this tweet...

“Whatever. RT @Solivagant @PG_kamiya #DmC, by Ninja Theory? Do you think they will “evolve” the action game from your Bayonetta standard?”Seems like Kamiya is not pleased his 'child' has gone out and had an image change without his consent. You can check it out for yourself by looking at the trailer here .

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Aconcernedcactus 30 Sep 2010 22:49
hurray for emo dante i swear if he starts cry hes out of black nail polish i will destroy the disc
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