Atlus: Catherine Dev Talks Love Games with a Horror Taste

Getting close to gold

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Atlus: Catherine Dev Talks Love Games with a Horror Taste
Shigenori Soejima, the character designer for upcoming Atlus title Catherine has posted on the game's Japanese blog explaining that the title is undergoing fine tuning, hinting that the game could be well on its way to going gold rather soon.

Soejima covers many topics regarding the upcoming title in his blog post such as the challenge of producing a game in HD as well as creating an interesting game in a new genre for the developer with it being more well known for its RPG fair such as the Shin Megami Tensei games and their various spin-offs.

Commenting on the mood of the game players can expect when they get their hands on Catherine Soejima explained that "Rather than the 'it would be nice if you could have this' type of ideal that you see in love games, this game will let you sample the sweet and rough areas of male and female relationships through a horror taste."

Catherine is due for release in Japan this Winter. We'll let you know what we think if we get our hands on an import copy.



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