Atlus Denies Pulling Out of Games Development

Still involved in games development

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Atlus Denies Pulling Out of Games Development
Although we had recently reported that Atlus was due to be dissolved due to its parent company Index Holdings moving to focus on "core profitable areas," it has been confirmed by Atlus USA president Shinichi Suzuki that the company will continue to develop future titles.

In the official statement, Suzuki addresses the issue by stating that:

"We want to assure our fans and affiliates that Atlus remains in operation and will continue, as always, to support our beloved community with the finest quality game experiences possible."

Should be comforting for fans of popular Atlus tiles such as the Persona, Etrian Odyssey and Trauma Centre to hear. Are you happy that Atlus is not closing its doors and will continue to bring interesting titles to players for the foreseeable future? Opinions in the comments section below.

Source: Gamasutra


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