JRPG Publisher Atlus is Dissolved

Parent company to still continue the Atlus brand name.

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JRPG Publisher Atlus is Dissolved
Bad news for Shin Megami Tensai fans - developer and publisher Atlus has been dissolved by its parent company, Index Holdings. It now no longer exists as an independent entity.

Index has owned Atlus since 2006, but has recently made the move in order to focus on "core profitable areas," as mysterious as that sounds. It is understood that the Atlus brand will continue, but it's not certain in what capacity that will be.

Atlus has a few projects currently in development, including the intriguing in-house production Catherine and ACE Team's Rock of Ages. These titles are unlikely to be canned, but future projects remain up in the air.

Via Gamasutra.


thinic 31 Aug 2010 19:17
such a same. another legendary label disappears
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