THQ snaffle rights to Moto GP for Game Boy Advance

Giant publisher shows off biker classic.

Posted by Staff
THQ has released the first shots of its version of Moto GP for Game Boy Advance.

The game originally debuted in impressive form in the arcades, boasting four life-sized bikes, each equipped with plasma screens for good measure. From these humble beginnings, (ahem) Moto GP made its way onto PlayStation 2 where it became one of the best selling games in Japan.

The game looks really impressive, joining the ever-growing list of outstanding racers available for the Game Boy Advance. Running in Mode 7, a pseudo 3D technique pioneered for the SNES, the conversion captures the feeling of speed and balanced competitiveness of the PlayStation 2 game, all in the palm of your hand.

Coming equipped with seventeen tracks from the Moto GP series and true-to-life motorbike manufacturers, the game will appeal to fans of the series, as well as fans of the game who in turn will be rewarded with a bespoke AI engine and weather and lighting effects.

Moto GP for Game Boy Advance will be available from August throughout Europe, which is a whole pleasing month before it sees the light of day in Japan or America.


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