Nintendo Elvis Talks of GameCube Controller and Possibly a Mario and Luigi Team Up

Perfection and possibilities discussed at Nintendo.

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Luigi's Mansion
Luigi's Mansion
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Following SpaceWorld, Nintendo’s own event held each year in Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto has been given little time to rest. He was called upon by the company to explain the functionality and redesign of the GameCube controller as well as answer some of the rumors that were abundant on the SpaceWorld showfloor.

“We had to fine tune many aspects of the controller, but the basic layout and design hasn't changed. The real differences have been the sizes and placement of the buttons. We wanted the perfect design and I think we nearly achieved that. In the future, perhaps we won't need the cross button.”

No D-pad? Words of heresy or insightful prediction? You decide.

When quizzed over the separation of Mario and Luigi in recent years, the big SpaceWorld rumour cropped up. Is there a game in development for GameCube in which Mario and Luigi characters play co-operatively and simultaneously?

“There have been discussions about a 3D game where Mario and Luigi can play co-operatively, but nothing has been decided. At the moment, I can tell you Mario will make an appearance in Luigi's Mansion near the end.”

We like this. No, we love it like a new, erm, really good thing! You can bet that Nintendo is set to release Mario and Luigi, finally reuniting the Mario Bros.

Stay tuned for more as it breaks.


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