Call of Duty: Vietnam - Named by Dean Takahashi

First airing tonight

Posted by Staff
"Oh, the Viet Charlie! I could spit tacks, I so could!"
"Oh, the Viet Charlie! I could spit tacks, I so could!"
Treyarch and Activision/Blizzard*(Bungie)+Vivendi's latest Call of Duty is to be revealed this evening in the USA. Speculation has been rife about where it will be set.

Then Dean Takahashi comes along and apparently destroys all the anticipation.

"The new game, Call of Duty Vietnam, is being produced by Activision Publishing?s Treyarch studio", says the venerable games journalist in Venturebeat.

So, stop guessing. While not official, it may as well be. Dean continues, "So far, it?s not clear when the new Vietnam game will debut. But the setting isn?t a surprise. Other combat shooting games such as Battlefield Vietnam and Men of Valor have been set during the Vietnam war. But Vietnam as a setting has not yet produced any blockbuster shooter games. Still, publishers have to move the settings around to keep gamers from getting bored."

It's got to be said, however, that Dean could be punting given that previous Call of Duty games have not been called things like Call of Duty: France, Germany, Belgium, Russia Oh You Know Europe or the like.



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