Blizzard on Infinity Ward: No Comment

No real surprise there.

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Blizzard on Infinity Ward: No Comment
Vice President of Creative Development at Blizzard Entertainment, Chris Metzen, will not be drawn into conjecture about Activision/Blizzard steaming in on Warcraft and Starcraft in an Infinity Ward style.

Speaking with VG247, Metzer responded to the question, "What about your other stakeholders? You?ve got Activision, who are seemingly moving out of the ?sitting in the background? approach. Do you worry about getting a knock on the door one day saying ?We want you to do things a different way?"

Chris Metzen: I don?t know that we?re in any danger of the relationship changing. We?ve got a pretty good working vibe with them so I don?t worry about it too much. We?ve always been very fortunate to have been left to our devices regardless of what corporate situation we found ourselves in."

The point is then pushed, "A few years ago you probably could have said the same thing about Infinity Ward and Activision."

To which Metzen responds, "Right", before the point is pushed again.

"I?m wondering when you see that kind of situation going down does it give you pause, or do you say 'That?s a different studio, that?s a different dynamic ? it won?t happen here'?"

Metzen's response, "is ?no comment? an appropriate response?"

Not that this should give much pause for shock given that... "On July 9, 2008, a business combination by and among Activision, Inc., Sego Merger Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Activision, Inc., Vivendi S.A. (?Vivendi?), VGAC LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vivendi, and Vivendi Games, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of VGAC LLC, was consummated.

As a result of the consummation of the business combination, Activision, Inc. was renamed Activision Blizzard, Inc. For accounting purposes, the business combination is treated as a ?reverse acquisition,? with Vivendi Games, Inc. deemed to be the acquirer."

Vivendi, which owns Blizzard, acquired Activision and renamed it to Activision/Blizzard. The clue here is in the name of the new company.


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