RuneScape Hacking Rumbled - Arrest Made - But for What Crime?

Man Arrested for Stealing... Game Logins

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"You are f**king nicked my son!"
"You are f**king nicked my son!"
The owner of MMO RuneScape, Jagex Games Studio, has teamed up with the Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) and the Feds (FBI) to nick a 23-year old from the West Country of this United Kingdom.

The unnamed miscreant was allegedly using phishing sites to "dupe unsuspecting players into providing their game logon credentials."

Unlike every other executive this week, Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO wasn't excited. He was serious. "Where there is any evidence to suggest someone has committed a crime, as is clearly the case with any phishing or hijacking, we work closely with law enforcement agencies around the world to bring these people to account."

He continued to place perspective all over the police action, stating, "Players invest years of time and effort into developing their RuneScape character so the theft of an account shouldn’t be treated differently to the theft of any other valuable possessions such as a games console, television or car."

With that insight, Mr Gerhard, extended his "sincerest appreciation to the professional and hard-working individuals at the PCeU and the FBI, who are assisting us with similar actions in the USA."

We're then told that "A 23 year old man was arrested in Avon & Somerset on the morning of Tues 24th Nov by officers from the Police Central e-crime Unit, following an allegation that a number of RuneScape gaming accounts had been hacked and misappropriated."

A 'spokesperson for the PCeU said, "People who seek to destroy others online gaming experience could be committing criminal offences, leaving themselves liable to prosecution.

"The PCeU will continue to work with the industry and investigate these allegations where appropriate."

Hold on, "could be committing a criminal offence. We'd hope that if you're going to arrest someone, that you're arresting them because they have actually committed an offence. With this in mind we've put out feelers to discover what exactly the 23 year-old was arrested for. We're awaiting details and will update, so stay tuned.


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