Silent Hill Dev Goes Gay Iconic

Oscar Wilde play for video game

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Silent Hill Dev Goes Gay Iconic
Well, this one might please video game voice-over man, Stephen Fry. Apparently Tales of Tales, developer of the highly strange, sort-of-game-for-the-intellectual The Path, is now brining Oscar Wilde's play Salome to a PC screen near you.

Tales of Tales calls it "an interactive vignette in realtime 3D"; could be a game, could be a high-brow version of Dragon's Lair. Working on the character design of the lass Salome - she called for the head of John the Baptist, so she's quite hardcore - is none other than Takayoshi Sato. In case you're not totally up on the production list of Silent Hill and Golden Eye Rogue Agent, he was a designer on those as well.

Silent Hill meets Oscar Wilde? Genius... or pretentious, re-fitted old guff. Find out more here.


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