GoldenEye 2 in doubt EA's Bond Team Confirmed

Name indecision hints at Trevelyan no-show as Halo augments shooter.

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The original and best - Goldeneye 64
The original and best - Goldeneye 64
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It has come to light that the new Bond game currently underway at Electronic Arts may not be a GoldenEye sequel after all, following weeks of endless speculation over the future of the series.

GameSpot today carries a quote from an unnamed source who states that a game has "...been in development for some time, though not necessarily called GoldenEye."

Talk had suggested that the game would be a James Bond medley, with one level taken from a whole variety of Bond movie settings. Another strong rumour is that the game will see the player take control of the villain of the piece, though exactly what a Bond villain does, other than have his plot to take over the world foiled, remains to be seen. It is now thought likely that the new game will not be a GoldenEye sequel as was suggested by some sites who claimed, "Electronic Arts' next foray into the James Bond 007 franchise will be based on the 1995 movie GoldenEye," as an outright fact.

The same source also indicated that EA has indeed hired Dan Orzulak, a former Bungie designer from the Halo team, and ex-Silent Hill man Takayoshi Sato.


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