Quake Live to be Paid For

Plus No Doom 4

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Quake Live to be Paid For
Quake Con 09 got off to the kind of start that might forewarn gamers convinced that PS3 Slim will be revealed at Gamescom in Cologne next week. Pre-buzz for Quake Con had it that Doom 4 news would be forthcoming in huge, red, bloody gushes. As it was, there was no Doom 4 news to be had.

What did occur was id Software's John Carmack joking about releasing six iPhone games a year having mentioned that a RAGE-themed racing game would be joining Quake II and DOOM 3 on the platform.

It's the news that Quake Live - the free-to-play Quake online game - will be getting 'a premium service'. "Premium" of course means "paid for" in this case via a subscription. The reason is that the current incarnation can't survive purely on advertising revenues.

Other news of interest was id's Tim Hollenshead indicating that Xbox LIVE Arcade will be playing host to Quake Arena Arcade and DOOM II.

Quake Con 09 finishes on Sunday.


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