Now Tony Hawk Board is a 'New Generation' Controller

This is becoming a little like controller-waving

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Now Tony Hawk Board is a 'New Generation' Controller
Right, okay, we get it. Making a new platform costs a vast amount of money and (hey Dreamcast) involves an enormous amount of risk. Also, Nintendo was able to change a market by introducing a cheap console with 'rubbish' graphics but with new control system. Hence, in the lemming-like world of the modern risk-adverse, corporate games world, 'new control system' is the way to go.

But you can't have just a good control system... you've got to have the newest or truest or next-us. So, here's today's round-up of who is best:

Josh Tsui - developer on Tony Hawk Ride on the board peripheral: "This is the most advanced peripheral on the market. It really is going to usher a next generation of controllers for games."

SCEE's Kish Hirani on the PlayStation Wand: "We're not getting any lag, which we had with the camera-based stuff on PS3 before. It is very quick and responsive... a truly interactive device".

Microsoft's Phil Spencer: "When Natal comes out it will feel like a new generation has arrived..."

So there we have it currently two "generations" versus one "true interaction". Send your 'Why the X controller will be the best quote to We'll tally up the scores at the end of the year and then be able to tell you what to invest your cash in. Scientific-like.


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