Jay-Z and Eminem: Video Gaming Schizzle!

Not keeping it entirely real...

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There you go, Mr Inem... a free advert. Real!
There you go, Mr Inem... a free advert. Real!
How to sum up the 'Hero' line of musical stimulations (sic) from Activision/Blizzard? "Like white crystals, I gross the most/at the end of the fiscal year than these niggaz can wish to" and who can say fairer than living legend Mr Jay-Zed did in his 1996 opus, Dead Presidents II?

Not many people. Possibly Mr Eminem... who will be joing Mr Zed (okay, Jay-Z) in presenting "a special branded edition" Activision's DJ Hero when it's finally released.

Both Mr Jay-Z and Mr Eminem will "provide downloadable content later this year that will give DJ Hero fans fresh mixes of their material." So, we're not clear on how this is 'presenting' a special edition pack... but we're not really down with the sort of street slang used in the modern age of press releases.

The special edition will "include an advanced version of the game's turntable controller, a metal travelling case that transforms into a performance-ready DJ stand and two exclusive music CD compilations featuring greatest hits and new mixes from each artist."

Sweet lordy-biatch-ho! Both of the lads are quoted on the subject as well. First up, the insight of Mr Zed:

"A DJ has the ability to use music to control people's emotions and is responsible for the entire vibe of a room, a club or a party.

True dat.

"DJ Hero is the first video game that allows everyone to enjoy the unique experience of creating that environment." Well, not so much 'creating' as 'following along with someone else'... but good on Jay for pitching in.

Next up, Mr Shady:

"I came up doing freestyle battles on local stages with other MCs and DJs", indeed you did Mr 'Inem.

"DJ'ing is an essential part of hip-hop and DJ Hero will give people all over the chance to experience the music from the other side of the turntables." Well, not really the turntables, more the 'controllers that look a bit like turntables'... but we take your point.

Finally, the CorproSchizzle (as we're sure Mr DoggyDogg would say). And, aimed as it is at the Yoof, Activison has really gone full-on for some prime CS for DJ Hero. Fow show:

"Social expression is heightened with euphoric multiplayer gameplay" - YouForick! No fwackingFwai!

We're sure that, despite that bunch of outright tosh, the game's going to be as much fun as Guitar Hero. We're not entirely sure, however, how a simulation of something is entirely 'keeping it real'.


SuperSaiyan4 1 Jun 2009 12:07
Hahah want a real free ad check out Eminem getting a whole lotta ass in his face!

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