Tony Hawk Attacking Skate with Peripheral

Next Hawk game finally announced

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Tony Hawk Attacking Skate with Peripheral
As expected, the new Tony Hawk game - the one Activision needs in order to battle EA's skate., has been revealed. That game is called Ride. It's appropriate because, also as expected, the game will come with a skateboard peripheral for you to stand on.

The game is coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Speaking on GTV, Hawk noted that he's been wanting to make a peripheral-based skate game for a while but that until recently the technology wasn't there. The video shows that the board can be moved around using the kick nose or tail and Hawk said that it responds to players grabbing it.

There will be no handheld controller involved in gameplay and you won't even have the option to play using one.

Mentioning skate., Hawk said, "It really divided the market for us... I didn't just want to do another game based on button combos because I feel that we really tapped that out". Tapped out! Get it? Don't worry, we don't think Tony intentionally made a pun that lame...

Also as expected, Robomodo (a new dev formed primarily by ex-EA Chicago employees) is taking point on development of the game, with Buzz Monkey, which provided support on Tomb Raider: Underworld, also involved. It was confirmed in January that Neversoft wouldn't be involved in the series, as it has been previously.

If it works this is, undeniably, the best move Activision ever made with the Tony Hawk franchise. Of course, it might not work...

Source: GameTrailers


Daz 15 May 2009 12:44
Tapped out! Get it?

Actually, no I don't.

As for the game, in my opinion there hasn't been a good TH since TH3, and with no controler option probably means no demo which means I ain't going to risk buying it.
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