Masses of Pokemon Platinum Details!

A brave new world

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Nintendo has released a slew of details about its upcoming DS powerhouse, Pokémon Platinum.

Top of the pile is a great big deal being made about a new addition to the Pokémon ranks – the Shaymin. The publisher tells us, “Once you discover the Sky Forme of Shaymin – a Flying-type Pokémon - you will see Shaymin has a new ability, Serene Grace, as well as a range of stunning attacks, including Air Slash, which will add a new dimension to using Shaymin in battle.”

If that sounds appealing, you're really going to want to get down to one of the GAME events where the Shaymin can be found.

There's also a new world in the mix – the Distortion World. “This mysterious realm is home to Giratina and is central to the new storyline. Giratina appears in its new Origin Forme in the Distortion World, a place where normal rules of time and space no longer apply”, Ninty says.

On the more human side of things, there are a couple of new characters – Looker, a member of the International Police and a new, more suspicious than ever, member of Team Galactic.

Another addition given mention is Battle Frontier. Nintendo explains, “Pokémon Trainers will be put to the ultimate test when they enter the Fight Area containing five different battle facilities, each with unique rules! Perform well and earn Battle Points so you can trade them in for some fantastic prizes.” SPOnG could tell you more about the areas, but we figured we'd let Nintendo do the honours. There are more details to be found here.

The online options have been tweaked, too. “Battle Video Ranking shows the most viewed videos of actual battles taken by other players using the new ‘Vs. Recorder’. By watching a high-level confrontation, you can pick up tips for your own battles.

“‘Tap Toys’, available in the Wi-Fi Plaza, provide an extra dimension of fun, creating special light and sound effects. ‘Tap Toys’ can be traded with other players in the Plaza as well as upgraded by doing well in Plaza Games, a series of three mini games that can be played with up to four players simultaneously”, Nintendo tells us.

For the full rundown from Nintendo, have a gander at the announcement here.


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